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Morgan Angelique Owens

Chief Creative Beauty Consultant, Herald Beauty 

The temperature is dropping but that does not mean our skincare routine needs to as well. During the cooler months I love to incorporate this essential tool with my skincare routine. In fact, it’s one of my beauty secrets: Jade Face Rollers. So, what does a face roller do? It keeps that face tight and right, honey! They are so many benefits of using one such as:

  • Improves blood flow + increases collagen production & skin elasticity.
  • Relieves facial muscles + makes your beauty products work better.
  • Detoxifies the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage.
  • Prevents fluid retention and decreases puffy under eyes.
  • Allows your body to rest and your cells to regenerate.

So how do you use it?

  • Start in the middle of the face and roll outwards across the cheeks.
  • Move to the eyebrows and roll upwards across the forehead.
  • Move below the lower lip and roll downward across the chin.
  • Use the smaller end for more delicate areas and harder to reach places, use the larger end for broad surfaces

How often do you use it?

  • You can use your jade rolling twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening after washing your face. However, you can use the jade roller as many times as you want, whenever your face needs a moment of soothing calmness.
  • Jade rollers can be used in harmony with oils and serums for added penetration and absorption into the skin.

These roller balls come at a range of prices but honestly, I don’t see much difference between a $20+ one versus a $8 one I found at TJMaxx – just make sure you stay consistent! Tip: I like putting mine in the freezer and then applying to my face. There of course are other stone rollers you can use with different benefits. Would you like hearing about those too?

Do you use a face roller? If not, would you start?

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