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Name:  Theresa Ree

Title: Founder and CEO

Business Name: Kanaka Beauty & Wellness


Theresa Ree. Photo provided

What made you start your business?

After having sensitive skin and eczema the majority of my life, I wanted to stop using pharmaceutical creams and try more natural remedies. I was concerned about the side effects and hormones and needed to be less dependent on them. I started using essential oils more, experimenting with herbs, and taking supplements. It’s been a game changer.. I’m grateful for a more holistic approach to skin care and my health overall.

What are 3 of your favorite beauty items you can’t live without?

Our Essentials healing oil blend with Clove oil, which is available now. The Stress-Less ointment, coming very soon, and 24k Gold face mask.

Photo provided

How does it empower you as a Black Woman in the Beauty Field?

It’s a huge honor to have this opportunity and a great time to be a black entrepreneur to build, create and be a part of black excellence. Not just in beauty but in all industries. I’m happy I listened to my intuition and didn’t allow circumstances to discourage me. BeautyCon has been inspiring and has empowered me as a Black Woman Entrepreneur.

Anything else our beauty readers should know about you?

Kanake is a word from the ancient African Kingdom of Kush. Kanake was the title for queens and queen mothers of the Kush Nation. Kanaka Beauty & Wellness use all natural and organic ingredients, we believe self-care is the best care. I want to thank the Cincinnati Herald, Morgan Angelique Owens, BASH venue, the Sponsors, and all the attendees for supporting the event and local business.

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