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By: Bret Buganski

CINCINNATI — The Bond Hill Community is holding an emergency meeting Wednesday to address gun violence. Their goal is to raise awareness and try to save lives after two Woodward High School students were shot outside of school just after dismissal one week ago.

On Monday, Cincinnati Public Schools Superintendent Iranetta Wright said she met with some Woodward High School students to talk about last week’s drive-by shooting. She said she listened to what students had to say and they expressed what they were looking for in return. A grandparent of a Woodward student also addressed the school board demanding change.

“I am terrified for their safety,” said Tara Andrews. “My grandson was one of the ones that took his hoodie and wrapped it around the boy’s legs so he wouldn’t lose a lot of blood.”

Andrews said two of her grandsons have not been back at school since the shooting because she said they’re afraid to go back.

“I think all of us equally have concerns about what is happening in and around Woodward High School,” said Wright.

Wright also said she spoke to the students about last Thursday’s peaceful protest where about 100 students walk out of school demanding change. She brought up possible short-term solutions to address school safety.

“That was one of the areas that they thought if there could be a movement in the bus stop locations that would something that would make them feel more secure,” said Wright.

Wright also said the students requested more school zone signs around school, as well as school humps to slow down drivers. On Tuesday, we noticed only two school speed zone signs were posted around the school. A utility pole is blocking one of the signs and at the intersection of Reading and Seymour, you can see a broken pedestrian button pole.

“We need to start talking to the children to un-glamorize violence,” said community activist Iris Roley.

Roley said Wednesday’s emergency meeting should involve all the stakeholders and it has to be a collaborative effort..

“It is about us, the adults, helping them make better decisions better choices and getting rid of things that are there to ruin their lives or somebody else’s lives and this is what we’re seeing,” she said.

WCPO also spoke to one Woodward High School junior off-camera who said she walks about two blocks north on Reading because she feels safer.

The community meeting is happening Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Woodward High School.

Reposted with permission from WCPO 9 Cincinnati.

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