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Dominique Coleman

Nail Technician/Advanced Nail Technician/Certified Master Pedicurist/Salon Owner/Instructor

This is the season where we love wearing sandals and open toe shoes and maybe even baby doll shoes (flats). Although these shoes are very cute and comfortable, these shoes can be bad on the feet. But don’t worry because there is a remedy to this that will help keep your feet comfortable and will eliminate long term issues in the end. Healthy Feet Always is the motto.

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Here are some popular shoe inserts that I recommend and their benefits that will help you maintain the healthy foot care for years to come if used daily and properly.

  1. Arch Supports- supports the arch of your foot in order to reduce and or eliminate pain.
  2. Gel Heel Cushions- provides extra cushioning and soft support for painful heel injuries.
  3. Hue Socks- prevents rubbing
  4. Heel Wedge- keeps hips and knees in alignment and help protects the body’s pressure points from pressure ulcers.
  5. Toe Crest- relieves pressure and friction and helps prevent toes from rubbing.
  6. Foot Petals- strengthens your legs.
  7. Metatarsal Pads- straightens and realigns crooked toes.
  8. Foot Pedals for thong sandals- reduce pressure on your toes.
  9. T-Shape High Heel Grips- strengthens the ankle joints and muscles.

The insert you will vary from person to person. Make sure you consult with your primary care physician, podiatrist or local advanced nail tech. You can purchase these from your advanced nail tech, online or convenience store. Some doctors may even prescribe them.

You can still be cute while being comfortable.

And the color for the month of June is light purple. Light purple represents light-hearted and romantic energies.

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