Carlee Russell. Photo by: Hoover Alabama Police

By: Scripps News Staff

The disappearance of Carlee Russell gained a lot of national attention after she reportedly went missing after claiming she checked on a toddler wandering down an interstate. 

Last Thursday, Russell called police and a family member and reported seeing a child walking alone on Interstate 459. The family member heard a scream and lost contact with Russell over the phone. 

She was not seen again until Saturday night when she returned home.

According to the Hoover Police Department, investigators have no evidence that a toddler was walking down the side of the highway. 

At the time, police who searched the area found Russell’s personal belongings and cellphone near her car, but no sign of her or a child.

Police said that Russell purchased snacks at a nearby Target, but these items were not located in the vehicle when she disappeared. 

Police also said investigators examined surveillance video showing that she walked down the sidewalk alone before arriving at her residence. Medics then were dispatched to her home as she was taken to a hospital.

“Fire department radio traffic obtained by several media outlets shows that medics were dispatched to her residence on an ‘unresponsive but breathing’ person,” police said. “That was the term used in the initial dispatch of the Hoover Fire Department to the residence, and the information about her condition was simply a dispatcher relaying information from what a 911 caller told the emergency communicator.  When first responders arrived on scene, they found Ms. Russell conscious and speaking and she was transported in that condition.  She was later treated and released from a local hospital.”

Police are expected to provide an update Thursday at a news conference.

Reposted with permission from WCPO 9 Cincinnati.

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