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I have used topical skin products for many years, however, I noticed a huge change when I started taking 3 supplements regularly: multivitamin, probiotics, and omega 3s. Since adding these supplements to my regimen, my skin has become more radiant, clear, and hydrated. Of course, consult your doctor before starting any new medications or supplements over-the-counter to ensure they do not interfere with your current treatments or health conditions.

  1. Multivitamin: according to Healthline, two of the best vitamins for the skin are Vitamin D and Vitamin C. The recommended intake of Vitamin D for most adults is 600 IU per day. This could be achieved easily with 10 mins of sun exposure in some parts of the world. In Ohio and other locations that receive less direct sun rays, supplementation may be a more reliable source of Vitamin D. Switching the focus to Vitamin C, it should be noted that many people in the US have adequate sources of Vitamin C in their diet. The daily recommended dose is 75-120 mg. The best source of Vitamin C is citrus fruits such as oranges. Many other fruits and vegetables can be great sources of Vitamin C as well. If you are a person that does not eat your veggies, you may consider supplementation.
  2. Probiotics: the medical community has been researching probiotic supplements for many years. Probiotics contain certain strains of “good bacteria” that help your body maintain a steady state. There was a time that we were regularly prescribing probiotics to help mitigate side effects of antibiotics such as diarrhea or yeast infections. Later we learned that probiotics may be helpful for the health of many other different body systems including our skin, urinary, and emotional regulation systems. The primary question when choosing a probiotic supplement: do we want to target one body system or multiple body systems? For example, there are probiotics specifically for “colon health” or “bladder health”. I use a probiotic supplement that has 8 strains of good bacteria and targets different body systems: PB8 (short for ProBiotic 8 strains). It is available at Target, Vitamin Shoppe, and Amazon for less than $20 for 120 capsules.
  3. Omega 3s: there are also many health benefits associated with Omega 3 (fish oil) supplements. According to Healthline, it can help improve numerous heart disease risk factors. It has also been associated with improving skin and brain health. Most studies break down Omega 3s into two categories of “DHA” and “EPA”. Some health conditions may be impacted by one of the two categories, but for skin health, both are important. I use an Omega 3 supplement that contains high amounts of EPA and DHA: Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega. It is available at Kroger, Target and other stores for less than $30 for 60 capsules.
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May your skin be as radiant as your presence! May your health improve in the process.

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