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Eddie Hawkins and his family are an embodiment of unity, resilience, and excellence in Cincinnati. Selected as the Black Family Reunion’s “Family of the Year” in 2023, the Hawkins family is a beacon of community engagement, leadership, and academic distinction within the city.

Eddie Hawkins is a well-respected Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) School Resource Officer and the CPD’s Youth Department’s Program Coordinator. He is also the founder of No Excuses College Tours and Programs, which has successfully introduced over 500 Cincinnati youth of color to over 150 colleges and universities. No Excuses has over 200 former tour participants to be accepted to higher learning institutions and over 80% have graduated. This is one example of Eddie’s commitment to our children and community empowerment and is a testament to his visionary leadership. He is a community advocate championing multiple initiatives that support and encourage our young adults to grow into successful community leaders.

DeAnna Hawkins has carved an impressive career with nearly three decades of experience in the healthcare industry and is currently Vice President, Patient Services at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. DeAnna’s commitment and unwavering dedication to enhancing patient care, eliminating health disparities, and promoting diversity in nursing, has made her a respected figure in the healthcare community.

Eddie and DeAnna are blessed with two adult children. Their eldest child Donneisha attended North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State (NC A&T), majoring in Animal Science. Until recently, she resided in Charlotte, North Carolina, for eight years and is back home in Cincinnati. In her free time, she helps support her father’s community and business efforts while volunteering to prevent food insecurity.

Their youngest, Devin, recently graduated from Morehouse College, where he majored in Kinesiology. Devin currently resides in California. While preparing to enter grad school for physical therapy, Devin maintains his passion for long-distance running and is training for his first official marathon this October in Newport Beach and continuing to mentor and coach young men.

The Hawkins family is involved in several community outreach programs, demonstrating their dedication to giving back to their community. They participate in local food drives, mentorship programs, and various cultural empowerment initiatives.  Their collective efforts to uplift the community while promoting Black excellence encapsulates the strength of the African American family unit, making them a beloved part of Cincinnati and a worthy recipient of the title “Family of the Year.”

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