Graduates of the Digital Inclusion Project in Avondale display their certificates of completion. Photo provided


The Avondale Digital Inclusion Project, a collaboration between Uptown Consortium, Inc. (UCI), the Avondale Development Corporation (ADC) and the University of Cincinnati (UC) to assess digital access, needs, and resources in Avondale, gathered on July 13 at Digital Futures to celebrate. The celebration brought together three priority community populations that participated and facilitated Avondale’s digital skills workshops and the neighborhood and regional stakeholders, funders and the UC Digital Futures Lab that supported the efforts. Youth facilitators received a certificate for their facilitation roles. All attendees received a gift bag with items that can be used in the digital world: a flashcard deck, flash drive, tech kit and flyer highlighting what’s next for the remainder of 2023. All around the room, labs showcased their latest interactive innovations centered around technology. Catering was provided by two Black-owned businesses, Chef Nem and Gelato City.

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