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Dear Editor:

According to the EPA the Ohio River is rated the second most polluted river in the United States, second only to the Mississippi. We (CrowOhio) want to stop that trend. We need 5 thousand signatures from Cincinnati registered voters for a ballot initiative, to give our Ohio River the right to exist and flourish.  

Even though Cincinnati has one of the best filtering systems, we can’t keep out many carcinogens including PFAS (forever chemicals) that are being poured into our river.  When the River has the right to exist and flourish, big companies will think twice about polluting, being called into court and publicly named and shamed. 

And you might think this a noble cause, but it has no chance against big business.  However, even if our river gets a little cleaner, it will affect the over 5 million people who rely on the river for their drinking water as well as the thousands of creatures who live in our river. Check out this 1 minute video: to celebrate clean water. 

Thanking you in advance for signing the ballot initiative petition to give the Ohio River the right to exist and flourish.  


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