Dr. Jamila K. Maddox, Cincinnati Healing Arts Chiropractic & Nutrition. Photo provided

Contributed by Toni Selvey-Maddox, Annette Armstrong, Lynne Calloway, and Kimia Moyo

Distance is no barrier to a glowing Shining Star! Virginia Alexander, affectionately known as Aunt Jenny is a brilliant example. From her West End roots, Virginia budded at Woodward High school and fully blossomed in Avondale. Wife, mother, homeowner, entrepreneur, vocalist, and Carmel Presbyterian Deacon, elder, nursery school teacher and choir member – were just a few of the ways Virginia shared her Light. 

Aunt Jenny’s heart and Avondale home beamed as she opened both to care for, teach and feed the children of others. She intuitively supported each child’s individual essence as they thrived academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. She also taught important life skills that they now  use as adults. Aunt Jenny imparted wise, timeless advice to parents, helping us become better parents. We were blessed knowing our children were in safe hands.

Lynne Calloway said of her mother, “Hands with spindly fingers fit together like well-worn puzzle pieces. They were surprisingly soft like the tender deeds she performed, but unashamedly showed the wear of hard work. She cared for my sisters and me, my father and anyone in need.”

Many children nurtured by Aunt Jenny have become well known, credentialed contributors in Greater Cincinnati and throughout the country with careers in public service, education, health, arts, politics and business. Dr. Jamila K. Maddox, DC, a Holistic Chiropractor & Nutritionist has followed Aunt Jenny’s lead, using anointed hands healing with education and love in Avondale, at Cincinnati Healing Arts – Chiropractic & Nutrition (CHA). Dr. Maddox’s wellness boutique, a tranquil environment, provides simple, safe natural healthcare, addressing conditions, some chronic, with chiropractic, functional nutrition and personal injury rehabilitation for auto accidents. Like Aunt Jenny, Dr. Maddox supports community partners by providing yoga, reiki, tai chi, and retail space in CHA for Avondale and local small businesses. For more details visit | www.cincinnatihealingarts.com

Dr. Maddox is hosting A Circle of Love on Saturday, September 16, at 11:00 a.m. and dedicating her Cincinnati Healing Arts Therapy Room in Aunt Jenny’s honor.  The address is 3559 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45229 – across from Carmel Presbyterian Church in Avondale. Several families enriched by Aunt Jenny have been invited to attend, as well as Vice Mayor Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney.

Aunt Jenny was living grace, patience, honor, discipline, and strength. Her light and love continue to radiate through everyone that stepped within her circle. This Circle of Love will raise funds for the Kevani Zelpah Moyo Cultural Arts Fund supporting youth education. Kumari Catering will provide refreshments. Zelpah and Kumari were also nurtured by Aunt Jenny.

The Kevani Zelpah Moyo Cultural Arts Fund was established in 1999 to commemorate her life and love for the arts, culture and scholarship.

The Fund is administered by The Greater Cincinnati Foundation and has awarded scholarships to 24 aspiring college students since its inception.

Applications are accepted for nominations for the Kevani Zelpah Moyo Youth Spirit Award in January of each year.

To donate, select Kevani Zelpah Moyo Cultural Arts Fund from the drop down menu at the Greater Cincinnati Foundation: https://www.gcfdn.org/givenow/

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