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By Sheri Riley

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I get asked what my secret is to look like I haven’t aged much. I have been in the cosmetic industry for a very long time. I am not a physician or dermatologist, or even an esthetician. A lot of people ask me how do you keep your skin looking so bright? With so many skeletal issues one would never know I need a hip replacement just by looking at me. Here’s what has helped me:

#1. Good genetics.

While I received many bone and arthritis issues from my Dad, both of my parents have the most beautiful skin. A lot of genetics play a key role in our health. The skin is the largest organ on the body and what people see at hello. Your hair, skin, nails and teeth all are visible signs of someone’s genetics and health.

#2. Learning to drink more water.

Our bodies are made up of 70% water. Just like if we neglect to water our plants, if we neglect our bodies of water we will surely die. The body cannot function properly without water. Water is essential for our survival. It wasn’t until I wasn’t really drinking enough of it that I realized my body was dry from the inside out. I was lacking oxygen to my bones, and my gut lining I noticed was holding fat. Water literally detoxes your body.

#3. Eating a diet rich in healthy fats and leafy greens.

 I have always eaten a balanced diet. For us women, eating healthy fats as we age are extremely important. Avocados, beans, nuts and leafy greens are extremely important to healthy skin, bones and hair. Beauty isn’t in a bottle. It starts with your diet. And it is a lifestyle. And don’t throw away the other half of the avocado! Use it on your skin as a mask!

#4. Learning to be kind to myself.

Studies have shown that those who laugh, play, and maintain a relatively positive attitude have lived in their 90s and 100s. Optimism brings so much divine energy and allows blessings into our lives. Why do you think those who laugh maintain a youthful demeanor? I personally have struggled with negative self-talk in my youth, perfectionism and wanting to fit in. In my older age there comes wisdom with life lessons that if you are not being kind to yourself, chances are some of your self-criticism will rub off on others. Be your biggest cheerleader.

#5. The mind is as much a part of good health as it is drinking water.

Just like our bodies are made of 70% water and cannot function without it, our minds manifest and shape our realities. The body cannot live without the brain. Keeping the appointment for your physical to your primary care physician is important. The same in keeping the “check in” visit with your therapist is even more important. I’m an advocate for therapy. Make time to meditate. Do some brain exercises, like puzzles to stimulate the mind. Read books. Keeping my mind sharp has always been just as important to me as my body.


I have struggled with lack of sleep for as long as I can remember. Lack of sleep can cause achy bones, dry or inflamed skin, mood swings and even depression. You are essentially blocking your body to naturally repair itself. Here are some things that helped me get back to a better sleeping pattern; not eating after 8p, going to bed at the same time every night, shutting off my social media once I’m in the bed, removing the television from my bedroom. Sleep is so important for brain function and for your body’s natural rest state to repair itself.

#7. Products always come last!

Always study ingredients in products before using them. And find out what works for you. Literally, products have always been my last resort!

#8 Oils.

No matter if you have oily skin or dry, there is a great oil for the skin for everyone. I swear by avocado, sweet almond oil and castor oils! There is a reason why older women look like they never aged!! #9. Sunscreen. I don’t care how light or dark you are, what’s going on underneath the skin can apply to anyone! Wearing sunscreen is extremely important and should be a part of your medicine cabinet, on your shelf in your bedroom and always on you before you leave the door!

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