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Dear Editor:

I write to express my concerns over Issue 24, the affordable housing charter amendment in Cincinnati. I represent the REALTOR Alliance of Greater Cincinnati and advocate for innovative, workable solutions through collaborations with community stakeholders to progress the City’s long-term economic development initiatives, which include Affordable Housing.

Issue 24 compounds tax increases, thereby burdening Hamilton County homeowners who have already witnessed a substantial rise in property taxes. hrowing money at a problem, as Issue 24 does, fails to address the root causes of housing shortages. The real estate market in Cincinnati is already tight, limiting choices for housing across all socio-economic groups.   The housing shortage impedes the City’s comprehensive revitalization efforts, threatening the overall economic health and competitive performance of our region.

The focus should be on real, sustainable solutions. REALTOR Alliance of Greater Cincinnati is actively engaged in broad, comprehensive housing initiatives with the City’s Mayor and City Council. Our collaborative efforts aim to implement multi-tiered residential tax abatement strategies, advocate for the passage of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), and address Cincinnati’s Middle Housing needs, among other initiatives. Issue 24 disrupts these ongoing efforts, creating an imbalance of power between the Mayor and City Council and interfering with their current plans to address Affordable Housing.

Let us concentrate on fostering collaboration and implementing real solutions, rather than imposing additional tax burdens on our community.

Jennifer Murtland


REALTOR Alliance of Greater Cincinnati

Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this commentary piece do not necessarily the express the opinions of The Cincinnati Herald.

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