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By Matthew McAdow

Herald Sports Contributor

Under Center

Can I get a Ric Flair “WOOO?” What a game! As soon as I saw that Burrow was finally able to take snaps under center, it was clear that he was finally healthy. This offense came alive and the playbook completely opened up, which proved that it was a health issue all along. I have been tired of preaching that the issues were due to being in shotgun formation all game and finally, we can take a deep breath. With a 31-17 victory, the Bengals now find themselves at 4-3, which ties Pittsburgh and Cleveland in the AFC North. With the Bills game approaching for a home rematch, I can expect one crazy stadium on Sunday Night and I am looking forward to seeing the jungle at 8:20 sharp!

Joe Burrow is Back

Joe Burrow is healthy and back to being the best quarterback in football. He was back to scrambling for additional yards, eluding tackles, and getting outside of the pocket.  28 for 32 for 283 yards, 3 touchdowns, and no interceptions. The Athens Kid is back to form and I couldn’t be more excited to watch him play some November football.


  • Read Above! Joe Cool, Joe Sheisty, Joe Brrr….Joe’s Back!
  • Joe Mixon averaged 5.4 yards per carry. All of those who thought he lost a step were sadly mistake. It’s hard to run out of shotgun on every snap with a QB who couldn’t move. Watch the run game now that the offense can open up!
  • Ja’Marr was his usual self and racked up 100 yards on 10 catches and a touchdown. He’s the best wide receiver in all of football.
  • Tee Higgins was finally back to his usual self and reeled in 5 catches for 69 yards. I expect him to improve these numbers yet again next week.
  • Logan Wilson and Germaine Pratt are silently the best 2 linebackers in the AFC. They both had huge interceptions that helped seal the victory.
  • Trayveon Williams looked solid once again returning the kick off, especially his 41 yard return. Field advantage means everything when it comes to playing other tough opponents and Williams tremendously helps with this each week. 
  • Trey Hendrickson found his way around the edge to make another sack. He now has 8 sacks for the season (2 shy from leading the league).
  • Only 1 penalty for the entire game. Lou continuously has the group ready and disciplined week in and week out.


  • Kittle for the second time has embarrassed the defense with his routes in the middle of the field. 149 yards for a tight end is absurd.
  • Fumbling the ball was an issue. While only 1 was taken away, the ball wasn’t secure throughout the game.
  • The Bengals desperately need a tight end before the deadline. Irv Smith cannot be trusted and he proved it again at the goal line this week. 1-800-Hayden Hurst…Ring Ring


This week, I hit a $700 parlay and would love to see you join the fun in betting with betJACK as well! This week’s Matt’s Take Lock is the Bengals moneyline against Buffalo at -146. Cincinnati has unfinished business against Buffalo from last season and I believe they will win in a high scoring shootout. Who Dey!

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