A cooking class at Cincinnati Museum Center starts this month. Provided

By Cody Hefner 

Cincinnati Museum Center 

Some of the best conversations happen around food, and Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) knows some great learning comes from food, too. That’s why they’re inviting you into the kitchen to learn about the science, history and community of food. CMC’s new Cr(eat)e Culinary Studio featuring the Kroger Food Lab is launching its first programs in November. Whether you’re a culinary superstar or a Cheez Whiz wunderkind, there’s a station for you in the Cr(eat)e Culinary Studio.

The Cr(eat)e Culinary Studio is a versatile programming space outfitted with ovens, ranges, blenders and more. The kitchen becomes a laboratory as you explore the science behind cooking, the chemical reactions that change flavor and textures and the tactile motor skills that make it all possible. But the Cr(eat)e Culinary Studio is not just about science, it’s also an entry point to our region’s history, food community and world cultures.

Programs are available for students, young adults and for kids and adults to cook together. Each program invites you to prep and cook your way through classic and experimental recipes while exploring the science and history behind them.

Learn more about upcoming programs and register online at cincymuseum.org/create-culinary-studio.

The Cr(eat)e Culinary Studio featuring the Kroger Food Lab is another new museum experience made possible through CMC’s $112 million Champion More Curiosity campaign.

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