Elected Hamilton County Councilmembers are: (top row, from left) Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney, Meeka Owens, Reggie Harris, Victoria Parks, Scotty Johnson; (bottom row, from left) Mark Jefferys, Anna Albi, Jeff Cramerding, and Seth Walsh. File photos

By Dan Yount

The Cincinnati Herald

Cincinnati voters brought back almost all City Council incumbents and added one newcomer in  electing an all-Democratic City Council in the November election Tuesday. Eight of the incumbents, including Jan Michele Lemon Kearney, Meeka Owens, Reggie Harris, Victoria Parks, Scotty Johnson, Mark Jefferys, Jeff Cramerding, and Seth Walsh, plus newcomer Anna Albi were elected to two-year terms. All are Democrats. The lone Republican on the council, Liz Keating, will be replaced by newcomer Albi. 

Albi is a gun violence prevention and community safety advocate. As local group lead for Moms Demand Action in Cincinnati, she works with elected officials, law enforcement, and community partners to promote gun safety and reduce gun violence. She serves as recording secretary for Madisonville Community Council and serves as a Ward Chair and Precinct Executive for the Hamilton County Democratic Party. She is also a graduate of LEAD Ohio and a 2023 fellow for the New Leaders Council for Southwest Ohio.

In other voting, Issue 22, the City proposal to sell the Cincinnati Southern Railway to Norfolk and Southern passed in a tight vote. 

In Hamilton County, issues that passed included Issue 1, which enshrined abortion and other reproductive rights in the Ohio Constitution (also passed statewide); Issue 2, which allows for the adult use of cannabis in Ohio (also passed statewide); and issues that provided for the renewal of tax levies for the Cincinnati Zoo and the Public Library of Hamilton  County. A proposed City Charter amendment for an affordable housing tax proposed by the City of Cincinnati failed.

Hamilton County Unofficial November 7 Election Results

City of Cincinnati City Council Members at Large

(9 elected)

Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney

Meeka D. Owens

Reggie Harris

Victoria Parks

Scotty Johnson

Mark Jeffreys

Anna Albi

Jeff Cramerding

Seth Walsh

Hamilton County judicial candidates ran unopposed, except for Hamilton County District 4 race in which Samantha Silverstein was elected.

City of Forest Park member of Council at Large: Denise Holt, Aharon Brown, Reggie Sylvester were elected.

City of North College Hill Mayor: Tracie Nichols was elected

City of College Hill Council: Marshalah Alexander, Mary Dewald and Brandon Davis were elected

Cincinnati City School District Board of Education: Eve Bolton, Kendra Mapp and Ben Lindy were elected

Princeton School District Board of Education: Gina Ruffin Moore, Susan Elizabeth Wyder and Jon Myron Simms were elected

Winton Woods City School District Board of Education: Angela G. Knighten and Bill Speelman were elected.


Issue 1: Abortion and Other Reproductive Decisions: Pass

Issue 2: To Commercialize, Regulate, Legalize and Tax the Adult Use of Cannabis: Pass

Issue 19: Proposed Tax Levy (Renewal) Zoo Hamilton County: Pass

Issue 20: Proposed Tax Levy (Renewal) Public Library of Hamilton County: Pass

Issue 22: Proposed Ordinance Sale of Cincinnati Southern Railway City of Cincinnati: Pass

Issue 23: Proposed Charter Amendment Voting and Election Reforms City of Cincinnati: Pass

Issue 24: Proposed Charter Amendment Affordable Housing Tax City of Cincinnati: Failed to pass.

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