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Morgan Angelique Owens,

Chief Creative Beauty Consultant 

Want to know where to get all your beauty needs and snacks?

I love going to my local Dollar General down the street and loading up on beauty & hair products as well as my favorite snacks. Shopping for beauty products does not just need to be at a department store. Most people sleep on Dollar General and Dollar General Beauty but i am telling you, you won’t find better deals or finds there (this is not an ad either, I just love shopping here). I picked up several hair and body products you need to check out such as:

  1. Dove Body Polish Scrub

I love using this in the shower before my shower moisturizer body wash. It leaves my skin super smooth and hydrated.

  1. Head & Shoulders Scalp Soother 

This is from the Royal Oils Collection which targets minority hair care. I love this because I wear a lot of protective styles. If you rock braids or wigs this is great to put on your scalp to keep it healthy and clean.

  1. Aveeno Oat Mask

This soothing sheet mask is the perfect way to add moisture back into your skin. Place this mask on one a week to your face while your watching tv, cleaning up or getting ready for bed. You will see your skin glow.

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Which products are you ready to try?

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