• Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

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It’s all about the GREEN, baby

Let’s spotlight some green beauty products in this issue. We hope you’ll try some and perhaps they will bring you…

Get fancy with luxe serums and all their benefits

I typically think skincare, if great, doesn’t need to be expensive because the products should still have the same core…

Luxe Skincare Products: You Deserve It

This week it’s all about luxe and indulging in some top tier products in skincare.

CBD for everyone

We’ve started to see more, the rise of CBD in many products and now brands have started to implement CBD…

Skin Talk: Hyaluronic Acid

New Year, let’s talk skin. I’ve gotten several questions on what is the best skin products for me? What is…

Chocolate News Podcast (Rep. Catherine Ingram/Sylvia Brownlee)

This is the latest episode of the Chocolate News Podcast. We bring you news that discusses issues affecting the Black…

International Moisture Mogul 🇫🇷

When traveling, whether international or stateside - I make sure I keep Palmers in my luggage.

Roll on in to a winter skincare wonderland

The temperature is dropping but that does not mean our skincare routine needs to as well. During the cooler months…

Herald Beauty Holiday Gift Guide

Check out these small Black Owned Businesses for the Holiday Season and Beyond.

Be Natural Wig Launch

I had the opportunity to attend the launch event of “Be Natural Wigs” founded by the amazing Brittani Gray, who…