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Morgan Angelique Owens,

Chief Creative Beauty Consultant

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Remember, beauty starts from the inside. Dr. Anisa Shomo is sharing a few thoughts this month for all of us to keep in mind. Let’s make sure we are taking care of the inside pretty as well as the outside.

Thoughts from Dr. Anisa Shomo – Health is Love

Asking for help can be difficult for many people in the U.S. We are members of a culture that values self-reliance. The idea of self-reliance sounds nice in theory but in reality, we all need help. Our parents help us as children. Then we help our parents as they age. We spend a lot of time caring for others and completing tasks for work. So why is it so hard to admit that sometimes we need help ourselves? May is mental health awareness month. I would invite everyone to take time to reflect on whether you are need of the help of a counselor, therapist, and/or doctor. Give yourself permission to be human. We cannot do it all alone. Sending lots of love and support.  For more information, please follow on Instagram or visit

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