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  • Ask Ashlee: Grandmother wants a relationship with my daughter now?

Ask Ashlee: Grandmother wants a relationship with my daughter now?

Dear Ask Ashlee, I’m a mother of three. My oldest daughter is 11 years old, and her father just recently…

Ask Ashlee: Is my boyfriend bisexual?

Dear Ask Ashlee, I think my boyfriend is bisexual.

Ask Ashlee: ‘She deserves so much more, and I am afraid of losing her.’

I am going through a really rough time after losing my job a few weeks ago. I was fired for…

Wine 101 – Chocolate & Wine

Wanda Haynes-Certified Sommelier Chocolate and wine are both fermented culinary delights, and when paired correctly create magic. Late harvest wines…

Getting creative with Valentine’s dates

I married my college sweetheart. We met in our Honors Chemistry course our freshman year as pre-medical students.

Ask Ashlee – Reconnecting with family should be done at your own pace

Dear Ask Ashlee, I recently reconciled with my father after not having a relationship with him for the last 13…

Ask Ashlee – My partner suggested an open relationship?!

Dear Ask Ashlee, last week, my partner shared that she didn’t want to lose me but that maybe we should…

Ask Ashlee – Marriage and commitment

Dear Ask Ashlee, I’m a 26-year-old young man that has been in a relationship with my girl for four years.…

Ask Ashlee: My ex-husband is still my OBGYN?!

I am a recently divorced (nine months) woman and I am ready to get back out there and start dating…

Ask Ashlee: Stuck between love and friendship; what do I do?

Dear Ask Ashlee, I’m caught in between two good men and I really don’t know what to do.