Photo provided

Title: Wendy White, creator/owner

Business Name: Sanity by Wen

Social Media Handles: IG @sanitybywen FB @ Sanity Jewelry by Wen

Website: n/a

Wendy White, creator/owner of Sanity by Wen. Photo provided

What made you start your business?

I was a stay-at-home mom, and I was going crazy with nothing to do for myself.  I also had a difficult time finding bracelets to fit my wrist!! These two things set me on my jewelry making path. 

How does it empower you as a Black Woman in the Beauty Field?

I put a little peace, love and sanity in every creation.  The empowerment comes when the love and energy are shared between creator and customer

What are 3 of your favorite beauty items you can’t live without?  

1) lip gloss 2) hair color 

Anything else our beauty readers should know about you?

I Love to make custom jewelry!! 

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