Danielle DeLaine. Findlay Market photo

By Kelly Lanser


Herban Vegans is the second business to graduate from the Findlay Launch Storefront Accelerator program this November. Herban Vegans was founded in 2017 by Danielle DeLaine, born out of a passion for sharing a healthier and tastier vegan lifestyle while building community. 

DeLaine joined Findlay Kitchen, the region’s premier food business incubator in 2020, focusing on popups and delivery. Herban Vegans was accepted into the competitive Findlay Launch Storefront Accelerator program in the summer of 2021, officially taking up Residency in September 2021. 

The Findlay Launch Storefront Accelerator program has a specific focus on giving real time experience to food-related retail and restaurant concepts. Upon successful completion of Findlay Learn’s 9-week ‘Growing Into A Storefront’ course, Storefront Accelerator Residents operate their business full time for a year, in a fully built-out and equipped restaurant space in the heart of the Findlay Market District.

This residency-based program gives businesses access to a robust customer-base, business mentorship, industry education, and real-time operating experience needed to determine concept viability, and prepare them for their next step. 

“The Findlay Launch Program has been a huge support in our journey with Herban Vegans. We couldn’t have gotten where we are today without the participation and willingness of the staff to assist us in every step we’ve taken so far. It has been an eye opening experience to see what running a restaurant day to day looks like. This program has prepared us for the next steps ahead,” says DeLaine. 

Herban Vegans has taken full advantage of what this program has to offer, and was designed to do. After 15 months of operating her restaurant full time, DeLaine will be taking her food business concept in a direction that will allow her more opportunities to create community and make a vegan lifestyle accessible. 

Instead of pursuing a restaurant, Herban Vegans is shifting focus to community-building events, catering, meal plans, cooking classes, and even a monthly Vegan Supper Club – all are part of Herban Vegans’ exciting next step.

Herban Vegans last day of operation in the Findlay Launch space is November 27. Online ordering including Thanksgiving orders and holiday catering will continue at her current website, herbanvegans.com as she moves her home base of operations to Findlay Kitchen. Follow her there and on Herban Vegans Instagram to be the first to know when these new offerings will go live.

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