The grand opening of the Cereal Bar in Avondale Town Center on Reading Road took place on December 3 with owners Arielle Nelson and Toledo Hill. Vice Mayor Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney (second from right) also attended the opening. Photo by Herald staff


A unique market concept cereal bar, known as Saturday Morning Vibes (SMV), that was established in the summer of 2020 as a pop up business, has opened in the Avondale Town Center Avondale on Reading Road. At SMV, you can enjoy cereals from around the world in addition to the favorite classics. But they don’t just stop there, their menu also includes hot cereals, bagels, waffles, muffins, breakfast sandwiches and local coffee. They have single handedly created a way for you to enjoy a chill, carefree Saturday morning everyday of the week.

Founders and business owners Arielle Nelson and Toledo Hill from the Avondale area are partnering to bring the sweet nostalgia of breakfast treats to the community. Saturday Morning Vibes is Cincinnati’s first cereal bar.

The inside of Saturday Morning Vibes features a display wall of cereal offerings.

“Avondale is changing. And we want to be a part of that change. And we want that change to be an art direction as far as like the community, the people who come from Avondale,” Hill said.

Hill was born in Avondale, but I grew up in Price Hill in a single parent household with his mother and three siblings. His background includes retail sales ad management, customer relations, seven years as a sole proprietor, and a graduate of MORTAR, a Cincinnati business incubator.

Arielle Nelson and Toledo Hill are cofounders of the Cereal Bar. Photo provided

“My partner Arielle and I met while working at an airline,” he said. “We had bigger plans. We decided to come together as a team to create a fun, tasty, nostalgic breakfast spot where everyone feels like a kid again, and we’ll call it Saturday Morning Vibes Cereal Bar. This is not the first cereal bar, in fact, there are cereal bars in several major cities, but we at Saturday Morning Vibes have plans of being the most creative and unique one going forward.”

Throughout the last year, the owners have hosted pop-up shops at Findlay Market and other places around the city.

Saturday Morning Vibes offers classic favorites like Cocoa Puffs and nutritional craves, such as Cheerios. Photo provided

Guests are able to eat their favorite cereal classics and then add their own toppings like fruit, honey, almonds, brownie bites and more.

The bar has a ’90s feel, creating a way for the community to enjoy a carefree Saturday morning vibe every day of the week.

Customize your cereal with fruits and other toppings. Photo provided

“In addition to cereal, the restaurant has old school cartoons and plays old school TV shows. There is a gaming wall. So it’s going to be for everyone to come and enjoy, and it’s not like your average cereal bar,” said Nelson.

“We have single handedly created a way for you to enjoy a chill, carefree Saturday morning everyday of the week,” she said.

For more information about the Saturday Morning Vibes Cereal Bar, visit

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