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Name: Sonia Jackson Myles

Title: Founder & CEO

Business Name: The Sister Accord®️ LLC

Social Media Handles: IG @thesisteraccord @smilewithyoureyesbysjm Twitter @thesisteraccord FB The Sister Accord  LinkedIn Sonia Jackson Myles & The Sister Accord


What made you start your business?

The Sister Accord®️ was created to inspire 1 billion girls and women to learn how to love themselves and each other. Its mission is connected to helping girls and women understand their value and worth. When this is our truth, it unleashes our power to do great things and have great success. When we understand our value and worth, our confidence and self-esteem are at levels that make us fearless in pursuing our purpose and designing our destinies.  

Let us know about your new beauty product launch? 

I’m so excited about Smile With Your Eyes by Sonia Jackson Myles Eyeshadow Stencils. This product idea came to me during the pandemic when I was thinking about all of the conversations I had where girls and women shared that they loved my pictures but were afraid to wear or apply makeup, particularly eyeshadow. I call this a Humanity Insight because I kept hearing it so frequently from both groups (from all ethnic groups). When I coupled this insight with my passion for helping girls and women live a more fulfilled life, by leading with love, I knew that this idea would solve a significant pain point. The feedback and response to date has been positive as we are in our pre-launch phase. We are currently accepting pre-orders on the website.  The link to pre-order is 

The Eyeshadow Stencil is a tool to enhance the natural beauty of our customers. It gives the user a guide (we have a tutorial video with step by step instructions) to create the looks they desire. Also, when the customer receives the stencils, there are step by step written instructions in the packaging. This product is part of The Sister Accord®️ Self-LOVE Series.

Sonia Jackson Myles. Photo provided

How does it empower you as a Black Woman in the Beauty Field? 

I feel really empowered when I think about this product. I believe that when we open our minds to learning new things, it builds confidence and our Super Powers. I love the fact that anyone can use this product and feel empowered as well. I think we’ll experience great success with this product because it is designed with love and it meets a need. I’m excited that professional Makeup Artists have also shown interest in using this product as well.  

What are 3 of your favorite beauty items you can’t live without?

My daily regimen includes the Skin By Brownlee & Co. Cryotherapy Ball, eyeshadow & lipstick by Makeup By RoryLee and lipstick & makeup brushes by The GlamDoctor, Rashida Williams

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