Stephanie Rousseau in front of her pound cakes
Stephanie Rousseau, of Mason, display a range of her company’s Dee-Licious Pound Cakes. Photo provided


Dee-Licious Pound Cakes is an African American, woman-owned, online bakery specializing in homemade from-scratch pound cakes in six unique, themed designs and three Dee-Licious flavors. 

As a tribute to the legacy of her grandmother, Mrs. Scottie Dee Carter Green, Stephanie Rousseau of Mason named her business in honor and memory of her late grandmother. 

Rousseau began baking with an Easy Bake oven when she was 5 years old.  Her love for baking and cooking grew over the years. Over 45 years ago, she began assisting her grandmother, Mrs. Scottie Dee Carter Green, with baking and cooking holiday dinners. Mrs. Scottie Green was an exceptional cook and baker.  Everyone loved coming to her house for a home cooked meal. They enjoyed eating her delicious dishes and desserts.  Her food and desserts were loved by many and formed great memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

Rousseau said she believes when you serve someone food or desserts from scratch, you are serving them love and touching their soul. Many have expressed that eating her cakes reminded them of a loved one who is no longer here, or memories of family gatherings around the table. That is what Dee-Licious Pound Cakes is all about. 

The heart of the program is the complimentary consultation with Rousseau, a Licensed Baker, who works together with you to understand your unique gifting needs. She brings her expertise to create customized gifting solutions that will leave a lasting impression.

Stephanie Rousseau displaying her pound cake
Stephanie Rousseau, of Mason, displays one of her Dee-Licious Pound Cakes. Photo provided

A World of Gifting Possibilities: Corporate gifting is versatile. Whether it is Holiday gift-giving, employee, or client appreciation, or celebrating milestones like real estate closings and more, her  cakes are a memorable touch that speaks volumes. 

“The power of corporate gifting lies in its ability to foster strong internal and external relationship,” Rousseau said. “It communicates that employees, clients, and partners are not just a priority, but vital to a company’s success. Great gifts create unforgettable impressions, enhance brand loyalty, and contribute to a company’s bottom line.’’

Dee-Licious Pound Cakes presents a range of exclusive packages, each designed to leave an unforgettable mark. The company also provides you with the opportunity to create your own custom corporate package to satisfy your gift giving needs. 

Rousseau said, “Dee-Licious Pound Cakes is excited to help your company make a delectable impression that lasts. Allow us to elevate your corporate gifting experience, leaving your employees, clients, and partners with a ‘Taste from Heaven.’ We can ship our cakes to you or your clients, local delivery is provided via TBS Transportation, or we offer local pick up at our Mason office. We are looking forward to serving you a Taste from Heaven.”

What others are saying about Dee-Licious Pound Cakes: 

“Absolutely delicious!” 

“Makes the best gifts!” 

“One of the best cakes I have ever had!” 

For more information and ordering request, visit:

Now taking preorders for the Holidays. 

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