• Fri. Jan 27th, 2023

Wanda Haynes-Certified Sommelier

Riesling is a white grape varietal which displays a bouquet of flowers, perfume, and white fruit. Riesling can be produced in several styles: sweet, dry, off dry, sparkling, and still. 

German Riesling wine labels can be difficult to read. However, learning the keywords and a few major Riesling regions, will help to demystify the labels.

Alsace, France uses beautiful cylindrical bottles for their wines, and the wines are much drier. Alsace has over 20% of their vineyards dedicated to Riesling.

Washington State produces the most Riesling in the United States.

They produce late harvest Rieslings and off dry versions.

Washington State offers a fun, delicious Riesling for a fair price.

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