Photo by Wanda Haynes

Wanda Haynes,

Certified Sommelier

Getting married this spring or summer or perhaps renewing wedding vowels?

Don’t forget to make the wine part of the event planning.

Sparkling rosé is a great option for a formal or casual reception.

These wines aren’t Champagne and will not break the wedding reception budget.

Cava – sparkling rosé is from Spain and wildly available in the retail market. Refreshing with tastes of white flowers, citrus, dried cranberries, and fine silky bubbles.

Cab Franc – sparkling rosé is reminiscent of strolling into a garden with roses, and peony. Tastes of nutty marzipan and fresh fruit linger on the palette.

Photo by Wanda Haynes

Malbec is a bold sparkling rosé, with an extraordinary deep hue. Smokey, rich dark fruit, round tannins, and a firm structure.

Prosecco is finally produced into a rosé, made of 85% glera and 15% Pinot noir. Big frothy bubbles, ripened pear, citrus, and green apples are refreshing for guests dancing the night away. Moscato is a sweet sparkling rosé with tastes of cotton candy, sugared fruit, and plenty of tongue tingling bubbles. 

Congratulations to everyone and happiness in abundance.

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