Photo by Wanda Haynes

Wanda Haynes,

Certified Sommelier

The warmer weather calls for the thirst-quenching characteristics of white wine.

Garganega is a fruity, light, dry white wine from Italy in the Sova region. With tastes of baked apples, lemon peels, and marjoram on the finish.

Often the bottle will read “Sova classico” or “Sova Superiore” these bottles of wine are better quality. Garganega is affordable and a terrific option when looking for a new white wine to try. 

Easily found in retailers and often undervalued by wine lovers. Garganega pairs with mussels, sardines, chicken salad, fish, and grilled poultry. Use herbs in the recipes to enhance the herbed style of the Garganega wine.

Also available in organic and half bottles from certain producers.

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