Photo by Wanda Haynes

Wanda Haynes,

Certified Sommelier

Styles of sake

There are several styles of sake, and the quality depends on the polished rice.

Junmai: has no regulation of RPR with added brewer’s alcohol and varies in flavor.

Daiginjo:  is at least 50 percent RPR, fruity and light in flavor.

Ginjo: at least 60 percent RPR, slightly fruity in flavor.

Honjozo: 70 percent RPR with added brewer’s alcohol, earthy in flavor.

Futsushu: means “ordinary sake” the table wine has no regulations.

Nigori: called “cloudy sake” and has particles of rice in the sake.

Komyo: a sake polished down to 1% and is a rare jewel.

Drinking sake

Sake can be served warm or cold in traditional sake cups called “ochoko”. However, sake can be served in a shallow wine glass.

Paring sake

Light and dry sake pairs with sashimi and sushi.

Sweet and light sake pairs lovely with seafood and tempura.

Rich and dry sake pairs with hearty meat dishes.

Sweet sake pairs with soy-based dishes.

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