Love U 2. Photo by Wanda Haynes

Wanda Haynes,

Certified Sommelier

Chocolate and wine are both fermented culinary delights, and when paired correctly create magic. Late harvest wines have been left on the vine longer than normal and then turn sweet. These wines are generally in a 500 ML bottle instead of a full 750ML bottle.

Late harvest white wines pair well with white chocolate, blond chocolate, and ruby chocolate.

Ruby chocolate is a natural pink chocolate with an intense berry flavor.

Milk chocolate offers creamy milky goodness and can be paired with late harvest red wines like: Malbec and zinfandel.

Wine & Chocolate. Photo by Wanda Haynes

Dark chocolate is rich and has deep earthy flavors, and red wines with low tannins make for a scrumptious pairing. Dolcetto, Beaujolais, Ganache, Pinot noir, and zinfandel are easy to find on store shelves and are low in tannins.

A sparkling Syrah also referred to as “black bubblies” is a sweet version of a Syrah, and pair with milk and dark chocolate.

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  1. This photography is mind blowing and lovely.
    Nice seeing people of color in her column. Hooray for chocolate

    1. I never heard of ruby chocolate until this article in the Cincinnati Herald.
      Great information & gorgeous photos.

      1. blond chocolate I purchased some at the grocery store.
        Sweet and light blond color.
        Ms Haynes live in Cincinnati??

  2. This article and photography deserves a nomination for NAACP award for journalism
    Never saw anything like it.

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