Photo by Wanda Haynes

Wanda Haynes,

Certified Sommelier

It’s that time of year to express gratitude for continual blessings, and to stuff our face with the legendary fried turkey.

It might be a little more work to deep fry a whole turkey instead of roasting it in a conventional oven.

However, the sacrifice is worth it for the moist succulent meat and that irresistible crisp crackling skin.

What wines pair with the legendary fried turkey?

Sparkling, white, rosé, and red wines can pair with fried turkey.

Choose a wine that has some acidity and that is dry and not sweet.

The fried turkey has been seasoned and the wine should also have some style, spice, and flavor. Light dry red wines do not mask the flavors of poultry.

Ten Wines That Pair well with fried Turkey

*Beaujolais-light very dry red wine from France

*Carricante– spicy dry white wine from Italy

*Champagne-versatile sparkling wine from France

*Chardonnay-unoaked version

*Cinsault-light dry red wine from France

*Gewurztraminer-dry spicy white wine from Germany

*Grenache Blanc– dry white wine from Spain

*Gruner Veltliner– savory dry white wine from Austria

*Pinot noir-light elegant dry red wine

*Rosé Prosecco-versatile sparkling rosé easy drinking Italian wine

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